The Verve

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# Track name Single
1 King Riff (AKA This Is Music) - Loco Studio Session / 2016 Remastered King Riff (AKA This Is Music) [Loco Studio Session / 2016 Remastered]
1 Shoeshine Girl - Sawmills Session / Remastered 2016 Shoeshine Girl (Sawmills Session / Remastered 2016)
1 South Pacific - Sawmills Session / 2016 Remastered South Pacific (Sawmills Session / 2016 Remastered)
1 Rather Be - Edit Rather Be
2 All Night Long Rather Be
3 Major Force Rather Be
4 Love Is Noise - Tom Middleton Remix Rather Be
1 Bitter Sweet Symphony Bitter Sweet Symphony
2 Lord I Guess I'll Never Know Bitter Sweet Symphony
3 Country Song Bitter Sweet Symphony
4 Bitter Sweet Symphony - Radio Edit Bitter Sweet Symphony
1 Lucky Man Lucky Man (First Edition)
2 Never Wanna See You Cry Lucky Man (First Edition)
3 History Lucky Man (First Edition)
2 MSG Lucky Man (Second Edition)
3 The Longest Day Lucky Man (Second Edition)
4 Lucky Man (Happiness More Or Less) Lucky Man (Second Edition)
1 Sonnet Sonnet
2 Stamped Sonnet
3 So Sister Sonnet
4 Echo Bass Sonnet
1 The Drugs Don't Work - Radio Edit The Drugs Don't Work
2 Three Steps The Drugs Don't Work
3 The Drugs Don't Work - Original Demo The Drugs Don't Work