PJ Harvey

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# Track name Single
1 Guilty Guilty
1 The Wheel The Wheel
2 The Wheel - edit The Wheel
1 The Glorious Land The Glorious Land
2 The Nightingale The Glorious Land
1 The Words That Maketh Murder The Words That Maketh Murder
2 The Big Guns Called Me Back Again The Words That Maketh Murder
1 Black Hearted Love Black Hearted Love
2 Within A Month Black Hearted Love
3 False Fire Black Hearted Love
1 The Devil The Devil
2 Liverpool Tide The Devil
1 The Piano The Piano
2 Heaven The Piano
1 When Under Ether When Under Ether
2 Wait When Under Ether
1 The Letter The Letter
2 The Phone Song The Letter
3 Bows & Arrows The Letter
1 Shame Shame (2 tracks)
2 97ยบ Shame (2 tracks)
2 The Falling The Letter (2 tracks)
1 You Come Through You Come Through
2 Stone You Come Through
3 Who The Fuck? You Come Through
2 Angel You Come Through (2 tracks)
1 Dress Dress
2 Water Dress
3 Dry Dress
1 Sheela-na-gig Sheela-na-gig
2 Hair Sheela-na-gig
3 Joe Sheela-na-gig